Light of the Gods
A luminous pantheon, reinventing myth in a flow of energy and imagination, 
these light sculptures show a strong and flexible personality, made to stand out against both antique and minimalistic settings, 
while enticing the senses and paying homage to millennia of beauty.
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A reinvented craftmanship

Give light, tell a story, amaze, capture a style, engage the senses, define a room, blend history and innovation, convey a notion of energy.
It was clear from early on that a lamp could connect all the many facets of the LF philosophy.
A mosaic-like concept, built tile by tile: an eclectic style, reinventing classic themes in sensuous opulence – with a touch of irony; the potters of Nove (Vicenza), with their historic workshops, vibrant pigments, and treasure-troves of antique molds; the warm halo of LED light and the symbolic fascination of touch-technology.
The Story
Massimo Marcomini founded the Les First in 2015, together with Nadia Marconato, as a natural development of his architect’s work. Les First combines design, sensory experience, and tradition to maintain and reimagine Italy’s unique tradition of outstanding quality and style.
Relying on a set of local craft firms from Lombardy and Veneto, Les First creates interior décor combining age-old workmanship and sustainable high-tech – with an alluring attitude made of a contemporary, anti-minimal taste and a bold touch.
Les First-Design Made in Italy puts a contemporary spin on the creative life-view and Know-How that have carved such a major place for Italian design: a reimagined craftsmanship, aiming for uniqueness. The first step of a new tradition.
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