The Gift of the Countess: Les First begins a collaboration with Fondazione di Palazzo d’Arco
The first shared project between Les First and Fondazione di Palazzo d’Arco.

The first shared project between Les First – a design atelier based in Mantova (Italy), producer of high-end lamps – and Fondazione di Palazzo d’Arco, videomaker Bruno Leggieri’s Il Regalo della Contessa (The Gift of the Countess), is available as a preview on the Facecebook Page of Museo di Palazzo d'Arco.

A few minutes long, with a soundtrack by Orchestralis, the video focuses on the deep personal imprint left by art patron and collector Giovanna d’Arco Chieppio Ardizzoni on her family’s ancestral home in Mantova. It creates a visual recounting of a lifelong passion for art and beauty.

By exploring how personal taste can shape the interplay between the living spaces and the preservation of a historic artistic heritage, Il Regalo della Contessa also becomes a visual expression of Les First’s core values: a deeply individual relationship with art, and the strength of roots steeped in local tradition.

Born from the exchange between Les First’s owner, designer Massimo Marcomini , and Italo Scaietta, curator of the Museo d’Arco, Les First’s role in the project marks the first stage of a shared course, focused on the visual exploration of the ties between ancient and modern, between preservation and reimagining of the past, between daily living and the exceptionality of art. In the meantime, Il Regalo della Contessa is also meant to provide a means of access to the Museo d’Arco for art lovers all over the world – in anticipation of a future reopening.

Watch now the video