In a digital world of virtual non-objects, where even energy is cold, Massimo Marcomini dreams of reclaiming the pleasure of the senses, of slowly savoring physical reality through a beauty that can be touched and lived – rich and flowing with energy, right from the moment of its production. The Les First project, aiming to promote Italian craftsmanship, rejects the logics of rushed production, disposability, waste of materials and exploitation of modern slavery in peripheral areas of the world. In a complex global marked dominated by big delocalized groups, we choose to be small, close-knit, and deeply rooted in our tradition. The LF method values the dignity of anyone involved in the project – an ethical system that can only thrive in a certain Italian productive landscape. By creating a network of workshops and manufacturers in the Veneto and Lombardy regions, meticulously selected for high-quality and excellence, Les First – Design Made in Italy aims to both preserve and refashion with a modern twist the creative attitude and know-how that have made Italian design relevant throughout the world. Les First’s work carefully balances skilled craftsmanship and advanced production technology to be able to answer the customer’s diverse needs – especially concerning customization – with a special attention of the end product’s quality. Working together with artists and designer, Les First experiments with special collections and limited editions to convey a seductive vision of the world , always embracing expressive freedom and a daring touch. A vision taking shape in warmly sensuous leather, vibrant ceramics, boldly matched materials, in a new kind of craftsmanship – aiming for uniqueness. Aiming to be the first in a new tradition.

Les First Story

It all begins one day, when Massimo Marcomini imagines The Chair while sitting in his car at a traffic light. By the time the light goes green, he has a sketch – blue ink on white paper – of a unique chair: Renaissance themes revisited through the prism of modern architecture. The perfect chair to complement the stylish domesticity of one of Marcomini’s jewel-box houses, on the Lake Garda. The transition from ink to object, shaping the concept with finest materials and high-quality workmanship, is a different story. It’s the birth of a project, a discovery of  traditional workshops in an area rich in high-end historic manufactures. As he follows closely the production of The Chair, Marcomini meets hands-first the artisanal care poured into every detail, the intense scent of leather coupled with curved polished steel… From this meeting of design, sensory richness, and tradition, the Les First project is born: to inject new life in the history of high-end Italian craftsmanship, involving carefully selected manufacturers in Lombardy and Veneto; to bring together centuries-old crafts and sustainable high-tech – with a contemporary style. Les First grows to be a human adventure made of encounters and research, in the service of a living, sustainable beauty, rich and flowing with energy; an aspiration to uniqueness. Historic craftsmanship and a dash of irony, sensory pleasure and custom details blend to create new classics with Mediterranean roots and a cosmopolitan outlook – offering an antidote to the aseptic rush of the everyday world. The first step in the light of a new tradition. LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE. BE LES FIRST.