The maiden with the lamp, the inquirer of mysteries, the beautiful mortal turned by love into the goddess of souls – Psyche lends her name to a sophisticated network of art, myth and design.  Because reinventing the classics is an old game… at least as old as the art of Giulio Romano – Renaissance genius, Raphael’s pupil, and maker of dazzling architectures for the lords of Mantua. Among them, Palazzo Te is the pinnacle of the artist’s style:  classical lines, opulence, bold colors, daring contrasts…  The light sculpture Psyche draws from Giulio’s own ideas: brightly-colored ceramic revisits the ancient vase from the joyful, sensual banquet scene frescoed in the Chamber of Cupid and Psyche , and lights it up with the latest LED technology. With an eye to classical myth and a strong personality, Psyche celebrates the passion of beauty through the centuries.