Matte Black
Design: Massimo Marcomini
Handmade in Italy
To the Ancient Greeks he was the primeval god of waters, the immense sea/river that springs from itself and in itself flows again, encompassing the whole world in water. Homer’s poetry makes Okeanos into the beginning of all things, the eternal origin of all the seas, rivers and springs – in an endless cycle of flowing life energy. Les First recounts the creative power of water and light, of poetry and myth in a light sculpture made of contrast and harmony, where seashells, coral branches, and sea creatures bring to life an amphora’s sinuous, ancient curves. An innovative LED system adds light to the black and white fine ceramic, reinventing the shimmering atmosphere of ancient seas.
  • Materials: Ceramics, Metal, Plexiglass
  • Dimensions:40Ø x 76H (cm) / 15,75Ø x 29,92H (in)
  • Weight: 7Kg / 15,43 pounds
  • Light source available: 1 Strip Led x 7W 3000K 411lm CRI90
  • Dimmer: Included
  • Voltage: 24Vdc
  • Power: 7W
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Protection Rating: IP 20
  • Electric insulation class: 3^
  • Energetic class: A+
  • Supply included: Yes
  • Supply voltage: input 100-240V, 50-60HZ; Output 24Vdc
  • Cord Lenght: 100 cm / 39,37 in
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€ 3490
The price includes Italian VAT and applies within the Euro area
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