To be the first in a new

Much has changed. Everything is changing.

In a new world of drifting, uncertainty and forced distance, Massimo Marcomini creates the Les First project by rallying carefully chosen traditional companies between the Lombardy and Veneto regions. In the face of crumbling economies, great and small, Les First breathes new life into centuries-old craftsmanship, and shapes a new mythology of life.
Because in myth, for millennia, humankind has found itself again and again, through stories of wisdom, change, discovery and wonder…

Italian excellence

…From Ancient Greece to the Mantuan Renaissance of Giulio Romano, to this new era, the courage to go forward is founded in our roots.

Because of this Les First recreates the weave of ideas and know-how of Italy’s great design tradition in a luminous pantheon – sculptures designed to tell stories and give light, to explore the past and innovate, to reinvent a timeless beauty, by kindling an unbroken connection of myth, art, history and innovation.

Myths take shape

The Light of the Gods collection finds its inspiration in the classical myths reimagined by Giulio Romano in the halls of Mantua’s Palazzo Te, and discovers it again in the archives of Veneto-based historic ceramicists: beauty to touch, to live, exquisite and vibrant – from the moment of its production. Myths take shape in the rich color of ceramics, in the innovative technology of the touch system, in a new craftsmanship, conceived to give light – as everything changes – to the beginning of a new tradition.



A luminous pantheon, reinventing myth in a flow of energy and imagination, these light sculptures show a strong and flexible personality, made to stand out against both antique and minimalistic settings, while enticing the senses and paying homage to millennia of beauty.


Life. Warmth. Light.

Life, warmth, light… it’s an exchange of energy, an endless, pulsating flow that encompasses and pervades all things.
Massimo Marcomini’s lighting fixtures reimagine this concept at the crossing point of past and future: design, traditional Italian craftsmanship and the most advanced LED technology come together to create light sculptures operated with an innovative touch system.
Les First stages the eternal dream of man and habitat joined in one energy flow, perfectly combining imagination, hi-tech, and poetry of the senses.

A Reinvented Craftsmanship

Give light, tell a story, amaze, capture a style, engage the senses, define a room, blend history and innovation, convey a notion of energy. It was clear from early on that a lamp could connect all the many facets of the LF philosophy. A mosaic-like concept, built tile by tile: an eclectic style, reinventing classic themes in sensuous opulence – with a touch of irony; the potters of Nove (Vicenza), with their historic workshops, vibrant pigments, and treasure-troves of antique molds; the warm halo of LED light and the symbolic fascination of touch-technology.