Les First Collection

Illuminate, tell, amaze, embody a style, involve the senses, characterizing an environment, mixing history and innovation, representing a concept of energy...

A Touch of Energy

LIFE, WARMTH, LIGHT… It's an exchange of energy, an endless, pulsating flow that encompasses and pervades all things.
Massimo Marcomini's lighting fixtures reimagine this concept at the crossing point of past and future: design, traditional Italian craftmanship and the most advanced LED technology come together to create light sculptures operated with an innovative touch system.
Les First stages the eternal dream of man and habitat joined in one energy flow, perfectly combining imagination, hi-tech, and poetry of the senses.


In celebration of a reimagined antiquity, made of myth and a cult of beauty, Les First Light creates a sumptuous light sculpture: ceramic coral branches glow on top of jewel-toned amphorae, immersed in a bright halo.


Set on top of a Corinthian column, and bathed in a luminous glow, the messenger of the gods, symbol of change and whirling energy, is shaped in vibrant ceramic – to create a new mythology of light.


The ancient vase from the joyful, sensual banquet scene frescoed in the Chamber of Cupid and Psyche , and lights it up with the latest LED technology.


Les First recounts the creative power of water and light, of poetry and myth in a light sculpture made of contrast and harmony, where seashells, coral branches, and sea creatures bring to life an amphora’s sinuous, ancient curves.


A celebration of the ancient goddess of knowledge, arts and light, it aims to amaze, to embody a new style, to fuse history and innovation into a new concept of energy as a flow.

Light of the Gods

A luminous pantheon, reinventing myth in a flow of energy and imagination, these light sculptures show a strong and flexible personality, made to stand out against both antique and minimalistic settings, while enticing the senses and paying homage to millennia of beauty.