The Story

Massimo Marcomini founded the Les First-Design Made in Italy brand-atelier in 2015, together with Nadia Marconato, as a natural development of his architect’s work. Born to meet the clients’ demand for décor and interior lighting, Les First combines design, sensory experience, and tradition to maintain and reimagine Italy’s unique tradition of outstanding quality and style.

Relying on a set of local craft firms from Lombardy and Veneto, Les First creates interior décor combining age-old workmanship and sustainable high-tech – with an alluring attitude made of a contemporary, anti-minimal taste and a bold touch. In a world ruled by large delocalized groups, Les First chooses to work on a

human scale, to stay rooted in Italian tradition, to reject every rushed, throw-away, wasteful, exploitative mindset. Les First-Design Made in Italy puts a contemporary spin on the creative life-view and Know-How that have carved such a major place for Italian design: a reimagined craftsmanship, aiming for uniqueness. The first step of a new tradition.

Massimo Marcomini

With a degree from the prestigious “Biagio Rossetti” School of Architecture in Ferrara – a student of Achille Castiglioni, Giò Ponti and Giulio Romano – Massimo Marcomini founds the atelier-brand Les First – Design Made in Italy in 2015, together with Nadia Marconato, as a natural evolution of his architect’s activity.
Born to answer his clients’ needs for interior lighting and decoration, the Les First project involves traditional companies from the Veneto and Lombardy regions to create luminous sculptures combining centuries-old craftsmanship and sustainable hi-tech.

Classical inspiration and design, exquisite ceramics and tradition combine to both preserve and reimagine the long tradition of excellence, quality and style that make Made in Italy so unique. Steeped in the vibrant mythological stories retold by Giulio Romano in the halls of Mantua’s Palazzo Te, Les First gives a modern slant to the creative vision and Know-How of great Italian design: a new craftsmanship devised to answer a new era’s need for beauty and meaning.