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All you need to know

All Les First lamps are inspired by the mythological subjects in the frescoes that Renaissance artist Giulio Romano painted in the halls of Palazzo Te for the Gonzaga lords of Mantua. Distinctive design, blending traditional handmade ceramic from potteries of Venetian tradition with specially created, innovative technology, makes the lamps unique in the field of lighting fixtures.

Les First’s top quality table-lamps are crafted in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto. Carefully handpicked artisan workshops craft to specification the various components, that are then assembled in the Les First atelier in Mantova.
The finest ceramics and skilled handcraft guarantee top quality together with the uniqueness of artisanal production.

The ceramic sculpture, core of the artistic composition, is enhanced by the innovative lighting cylinder of clear Plexiglas.
The micro-incisions, laser-engraved by CNC machines on the cylinder’s surface, ensure an even distribution of light across the whole pane.
The light is switched and adjusted through an innovative dedicated software, especially created by a technical laboratory in Verona. A microprocessor manages and processes the proximity effect of the user’s hand to control and adjust the light. The system, developed especially for Les First, turns the ceramic sculpture into a dimmable Touch Lamp, whose soft glow can be switched on and off and adjusted simply by touching the lamp’s ceramic base, without a conventional on-off switch.

After being curved entirely by hand, the Plexiglas cylinder is fitted with a LED light source with the following technical specifications:

  • power consumption: 7 W;

  • Temperatura di colore 3000° K;
- LED panel lifespan 50.000 hrs;
 Lumen: 411 lumen (Minerva, Ermes, Coralli); 369 lumen (Psyche);

  • Voltage: 24Vdc, (Power supply with in-built transformer; Supply voltage input: 100-240 V, 50-60 HZ.)
(The power supply and LED, unavailable in Italy, are imported according under the strictest quality standards).
Les First’s tabletop lamps are CE certified, and for indoor use only.

Technical specifications:

  • Protection rating: IP 20;
- Electrical Insulation Class: III 
- Energy Class: A+.

Les First’s ceramic lamps are artisanal pieces, and only a few components are made industrially. Due to the complex and many-staged hand production, each lamp can show individual characters, features unique to the hand-crafting process that must not be viewed as faults. A slight unevenness in the ceramic surface can result from shrinkage during the firing stage, or from characteristic features of the antique molds. Colors may show variations, with a very individual and pleasing effect, due to the firing process of the crystalline glaze, such as the typical and prized “crackle”. In the case of gold and silver metallic coating, slight irregular cracks can occur on the surface, as the precious metals and clay undergo different dilations during the various firing and cooling stages. Pieces from the same batch can show a slightly different appearance. Such varying reactions to the manufacturing process cannot be entirely predicted even by the most experienced potter, and are part of the unique and enduring charm of hand-crafted ceramic.

Each lamp is carefully vetted against out exacting quality standards. Les First holds to the highest quality standards for manual production, as established through centuries of experience in the potteries of Vicenza. The element of imperfection, typical of all hand-made products, is not a fault – but rather the mark of Italy’s ancient handcraft tradition.

Assembling a Les First lamp from its hand-crafted components requires extremely skilled work, and it is never outsourced: the owner personally assembles each piece with the help of his assistants, making sure that the final result conforms to the chosen quality standard.

Use only a soft cotton cloth to clean all Les First ceramic products. Do not use generic degreasers or products for polishing metals.
Glossy ceramic can be cleaned with a slightly moistened, well-wrung cloth, using a small amount of non-aggressive degreaser. Spray the degreaser on the cloth – and never directly on the ceramic surface.
Matte ceramic must only be cleaned with a soft, dry pure cotton cloth.

Metallic colors (gold, silver, copper)
Some Les First products have a metallic gold, silver or copper surface finish. There are very delicate metal coatings. Clean exclusively with a soft, dry pure cotton cloth, and avoid any strong rubbing of the edges and/or protrusions of the ceramic parts, as this can damage the exterior finish.

Plexiglas LED panel
To clean the cylindrical LED panel, use a soft cotton cloth. If necessary slightly moisten with a small amount of special-purpose degreasers, alcohol-free, and containing no aggressive chemicals, specially meant for transparent Plexiglas surfaces.

Warning: the use of alcohol, or any alcohol based cleaner, will damage the Plexiglas LED panel. Direct exposure to sunlight will also cause damage.

Les First is not liable for damages resulting from improper cleaning/maintenance of its products.

Use and positioning
All Les First ceramic products are breakable decorative accessories. As such, they must be safely placed on a suitable bearing surface that is absolutely level. All Les First products must not be moved by dragging or pushing them across surfaces; they must be carefully lifted and laid down, with due consideration to the product’s weight, and the supporting surface’s suitability.
Les First will not be liable for damages resulting from any improper use of its products.

- Seven days
If all the components are in-stock at the time of order, the lamp can be assembled and readied for shipping within seven working days.
- Five to eight weeks
If the chosen lamp not in-stock at the time of order, all the ceramic and electronic components must be crafted on order – requiring five to eight weeks before the lamp is assembled and ready to ship. Production times are affected by the nature of the craft of artistic ceramic.

The specified production timeline does not comprise delivery times.
In addition to this, the current geopolitical instability is making raw materials and electronic components hard to source, as well as causing a rise in production costs due to the increase in energy prices.
The international situation affects delivery times, prices, and the validity of shipping quotes. Les First, however, is committed to fulfill all orders as well and as quickly as circumstances allow – and to keep the customer informed at all stages of the production and delivery process.

All Les First lamps are packaged for shipping in crates/boxes of cardboard, cardboard and wood, or wood – according to need. These boxes/crates are specially designed and made to ensure safe handling of breakable goods.

All Les First products are carefully hand-packages, with materials specially designed to ensure the stability and protection of the lamps. The lamps ship completely assembled and ready to use, and must be kept vertical at any time.

The boxes/crates are sized to accommodate the lamps and the protective layers of expanded polyethylene (Stratocell) and/or high-expansion foam that ensure the lamps’ protection if correctly handled. These inner layers can vary, according to specific needs. In order to guarantee the product’s safe delivery, Les First reserves the right to adapt or modify the packaging according to the shipping conditions, and in accord with the carrier’s policy.

The weight of the chosen packaging must be added to that of the lamp itself (5.8 kg/12.8 lbs for Ermes and Minerva; 7 kg/15.4 lbs for Coralli; 8 kg/17.6 lbs for Psyche). That said, the safety of highly breakable items during shipping is affected by the carrier’s care – and therefore the choice of shipping company is crucial.

All Les First products are shipped through international carriers that meet Les First’s shipping requirements, and specialize in the shipping of highly breakable art objects; each shipment is trackable, and the delivery certified by the recipient’s signature.

The listed prices are ex-works and exclusive of VAT (where it applies). An indication of applicable taxation can be found in each price list. Shipping costs, custom duties and any other additional costs will be determined for each shipping.

Payment will occur by bank transfer:

  • - 50% upon order;
  • - 50 % before shipping.
Any additional costs (shipping costs, custom duties or other) will be added to the second payment before the lamp is shipped.

Taxes and/or customs duties do not apply to shipping within the EU. All other countries are subject to duties which vary according to the country of destination. Customers should contact the local customs office to know the exact amount. In no case will the applicable duties be included in the price of the purchased item or shipping fee. These costs are always charged to the customer, and never included in any other due amount.

On request, Les First can provide a detailed estimate (lamps + shipping + customs and taxes if applicable) – bearing in mind that, in the present situation, such estimates can only have an indicative validity, and must be reformulated at the moment of shipping.


Customers can always return an item against a full refund, a store credit, or an exchange with another product. A request of return can be made within 14 business days from the date of receipt of the product.

The product must be returned intact (with no signs of wear, abrasions, chipping, scratching, distortions etc.) complete with all components and accessories, equipped with all instructions/warranties/notes/coupons, and correctly positioned and sealed within the original packaging and wrapping, so to reproduce the original safety conditions. Should any of these condition not be met, the customer is no longer entitled to the requested refund, credit or exchange.

The same conditions apply in case of any order error or conformity defect of the product.

However, a non-substantial difference in the product’s color, shape or size in comparison to online or printed images must be regarded not as a manufacturing fault, but as a distinctive element of a hand-crafted artisanal item.

All Les First products are hand-made, crafted from high-quality materials and components, and assembled through a sophisticated artisanal process. Any dissimilarity to be found between products, even of the same kind and range, must be regarded as attesting the true artisanal character of materials and craft process.

Les First will not be held liable for any damage due to the customer’s disregard of the instructions concerning the correct unpacking, assembling, use and care stated in detail in the user’s manual, and summarized in the package leaflets. A digital copy of these documents in pdf format is always forwarded to the customer on completion of the purchase.

In the case of a manufacturing fault, Les First will substitute the faulty item only after it is returned under the conditions specified above, and after determining the nature of the reported fault.


Once a return is requested, Les First will proceed with the refund, exchange or credit within 14 business days of receipt of the returned of the returned item – after ascertaining the product’s intact condition and packaging, and complete compliance with all the conditions specified above.


The entire price of the returned item will be refunded/credited to the customer, including the original shipping costs (minus all applicable taxes and customs duties) – but not the costs of return shipping, including all applicable taxes and customs duties.

Being based in Italy, a EU member country, Les First S.r.l. performs all its transactions exclusively in Euro. Payments made in any other currency will still be refunded in Euro. The amount in any other currency will be calculated by the current exchange rate on the day of the refund; any exchange rate risk is at the customer’s charge.

The refunded amount will be credited via bank transfer on the same account used for the payment.


All costs for the return shipping – including taxes and customs where applicable – are to be borne entirely by the customer.

Should the lamp be damaged en route, LES FIRST S.r.l. will inform the customer within 5 business days of reception in the warehouse of the damaged item, so to allow the customer to promptly file a complaint with the carrier, and obtain a refund for the damage (if the returned item was insured). The request of return will be deemed cancelled, and, on request, the lamp will be returned, at the customer’s charge.

LES FIRST S.r.l. will not be liable for damage, theft or loss of uninsured returned items. On its arrival at the warehouse, the item will be examined to ascertain any damage or tampering not due caused by transport. Should the original box and packaging appear damaged, LES FIRST S.r.l. will retain a percentage (up to 10%) of the refund toward replacement expenses.



Each item is professionally packaged with materials specifically designed for the safe conveyance of the lamps, and ships exclusively with hand-picked, highly qualified international carriers.

Should an item, despite all precaution, suffer any damage, the customer is entitled to return it. Les First S.r.l. will replace the damaged item with an undamaged one, within a timeframe to be defined. In the event of non-availability, the customer can choose between a refund or credit.

A damaged item must be reported within 7 business days of receipt: on expiry of this deadline, the request of replacement/refund cannot be accepted.

The damaged item must be returned complete with all pieces, components and accessories, equipped with all instructions/warranties/notes/coupons, and correctly positioned and sealed within the original packaging and wrapping, as described in the “Right of return” section above.

Should any of these condition not be met in its entirety, the customer is no longer entitled to the requested refund, credit or exchange.

All the conditions described hold valid and binding also in the presence of an erroneous order or a conformity fault of the item.


  • Carefully read the replacement/refund conditions above;
  • Take photographs of the damaged item from at least 4 different angles, both inside and beside its box and wrappings; take photographs of both the item in its entirety and the broken/damaged parts;
  • Email the photographs as attachments to The subject line should be “DAMAGE – Client nr. …. – Order nr. …”. The body of the email should contain the code of the item to return. Within 24 hours Les First will email a replacement/refund code for the damaged item;
  • Within the next 48 hours, send a print copy of the email, either by fax or registered mail with return receipt, to Les First S.r.l., Via Asiago 9 – 46037 Roncoferraro – Mantova (IT);
  • When returning the item, attach a print copy of the email containing the replacement/refund code; re-package the item to return in the original box and wrappings, complete with all pieces, components and accessories, and all user’s manuals/instructions/warranties/notes/coupons.


Les First will replace the damaged item with an identical on within 30 business days from receipt of the returned item – providing the replacement is in-stock, ready for assembling. Otherwise, the replacement will take place according to the production schedule for items not in-stock (5-8 weeks + shipping), as described in Section 7 above, PRODUCTION SCHEDULE.

Should an identical item be unavailable, Les First will inform the customer within 5 business days of receipt of the returned item, offering a choice between a credit or a refund equal to the value of the damaged item. Les First will then issue the credit/refund within 14 business days of receipt of the returned item.


The refund/credit will be equal to the entire value of the returned item (unless the original box and wrappings are returned broken or damaged, in which case Les First will retain up to 10% of the transaction towards replacement costs).

The currency for all transactions performed by Les First S.r.l. is Euro.

Payments made in any other currency will still be refunded in Euro. The amount in any other currency will be calculated by the current exchange rate on the day of the refund; any exchange rate risk is at the customer’s charge.

The refunded amount will be credited via bank transfer on the same account used for the payment.